As part of our mission to deliver the best care possible, Dr. Louie devoted 2 extra years of training beyond the standard residency program to robotic and laparoscopic surgery. Dr. Louie is a clinical and surgical expert for the kidney, ureter, prostate, and bladder who relies on technology to better educate and empower his patients, and to improve patient recovery and outcomes by using the best tools available such as the da Vinci robotic surgery platform.

Before founding Louie Medical Group Inc., Dr. Louie was an active faculty member and Assistant Clinical Professor of Urology at UC Irvine Medical Center in the Department of Urology and at the Long Beach VA Hospital. During his 2 years at UC Irvine, Dr. Louie was the Urology Residency Program Director, Co-Director of the Minimally Invasive Urology Fellowship, and Co-Director of the Robotic Oncology Center. Dr. Louie is exceptionally well trained as he completed a 2 year Endourology Society endorsed minimally invasive urologic surgery fellowship with Dr. Ralph Clayman (First person to perform laparoscopic removal of a kidney) and Dr. Elspeth McDougall (First person to describe laparoscopic removal of part of the kidney) in 2009. Dr. Louie completed his residency in Urology at the Ohio State University Medical Center in 2007. It was there that he was mentored in robotic assisted urologic surgery by Dr. Vipul Patel (Global Robotics Institute, Florida), one of the world’s leading experts in robotic prostatectomy.

Notable Accomplishments

  • First surgeon at UC Irvine to perform retroperitoneal robotic partial nephrectomy, robotic simple prostatectomy, robotic colovesical fistula repair, and robotic nephro-ureterectomy.
  • First surgeon at UC Irvine and one of the first in Southern California to utilize button bipolar plasma-vaporization technology to ablate the obstruction from enlarged prostates. See his YouTube video: “Button TURP Large Prostate with Median Lobe”.
  • One of the largest series of button plasma-vaporization of the prostate surgeries and robotic simple prostatectomies for enlarged prostates.
  • Performed a live surgical case at the 2009 World Congress of Endourology by demonstrating the button plasma-vaporization of the prostate. He is scheduled to perform the live surgery for the button TURP again at the American Urological Association in 2012.
  • Won “Outstanding Paper Award” in 2009 at the Engineering and Urology Society for his paper, “Impact of Ureteral Stent and a Foley Catheter on Renal Pelvic Pressures in the In Vivo Porcine Model”.
  • Won “Outstanding Paper Award” in 2010 at the Engineering and Urology Society for his work in, “Optimal Freeze Cycle in Renal Cryotherapy”.